Making memorials is one of the most important and satisfying things I do. This gallery shows the wide range of memorials I have made, but they all began with a friendly consultation and a cup of tea (or coffee!) I begin by listening carefully. Sometimes people know exactly what they want and sometimes it needs teasing out. There is a lot to discuss - stone, lettering, carving, words, rules, and regulations. I will lead you through all the details. Afterward, I make a drawing, which may need several amendments, and when you are happy with the design I apply for permission, then order slate or stone. This process can take a while, but it is best not to rush. People often visit the workshop near Bath to see their stone being carved. I prefer to fix stones in the ground in the traditional way, but always according to the regulations for the churchyard or cemetery.
I like to make things well and work mostly by hand. I work in a wide range of British stones. Lettering is designed and carved by hand, which is the only way to make it live.
How much will it cost? There are so many variables it is difficult to say, but typically between £2500 and £5000 for a headstone, and £1000 to £2000 for a cremation tablet. If your budget is smaller come and talk to me, it may still be possible to make something beautiful for your budget.

If you would like to discuss a memorial please get in touch by email using the contact form or ring me on 01761 472768.